How to make a metal detector and what at home

Devices called metal detectors or metal detectors can help detect metal objects (ferromagnetic or non-magnetic) in a poorly conductive or neutral environment. Both the metal detector and the metal detector indicate the location of the metal object, but only the first device has another function that allows you to recognize the type of metal.

Such products are used for work purposes by archaeologists, geologists, builders, the military, treasure hunters. They use expensive devices that Russian and foreign companies manufacture especially for such purposes. different technologies… Industrial projects differ in terms of construction schemes, technical characteristics and the presence of additional options. This can be the depth, the type of metal, the shape of the object, etc.

There is a sensor in induction devices. Contains a special design coil. He is excited by an alternating signal. If there is a metal object under the sensor, an e-mail appears. a signal that is fixed in a certain way. The metal detector records the frequency difference of the 2 generators. One operates at a known frequency, the second has structural elements that operate in a frequency setting circuit. In soil, walls, wood, etc., where there are no metal objects, the frequencies of the generators are the same.

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