How to identify the best acoustic wall panels

Over the past few years, many people have started using acoustic solutions in offices, homes, hotels, libraries, schools, restaurants, meeting rooms as well as other rooms. However, not everyone is using these acoustic solutions especially because they do not think they can be effective as people say. One thing that you need to know is that acoustic solutions, especially acoustic wall panels, are effective.


Even if you want to install them in offices or other buildings that are close to the airport, bars, studios, and highways, you will achieve all your goals. This is because they are made in materials that make them effective especially when it comes to managing the noises leaving and entering a room.


Are there other ways in which acoustic wall panels can help you?

Apart from managing the noises in the buildings you install then, they also ensure that you have private meetings or sessions. This is because the acoustic wall panels do not allow any sounds to leave the rooms you are having your meetings or sessions. For this reason, in case you’re hosting a meeting and the things you are discussing are private, no one from the outside gets to know what you are talking about.


Acoustic wall panels also help enhance the productivity of the workers in the office or even the restaurants. This is because the acoustic wall panels will block any sounds that are interfering with you and therefore when you don’t have any disturbances; it becomes easy for you to be productive. Apart from this, acoustic wall panels also help to reduce stress in the workplace.  Therefore anyone in the workplaces with acoustic wall panels gets to have a peaceful day unlike when the acoustic wall panels are not installed.


Identifying the best acoustic wall panels to install in a building

When you are looking for commercial acoustic sound panels for your work space, you have to be careful so that you do not select the acoustic wall panels that will be not effective like you wish. To select the acoustic wall panels that will achieve all your goals for installing them, you must make sure that you identify the following things in the acoustic wall panels.

  • One- inch thickness

Most of the acoustic wall panels that you find in the market are made using fibre-glass that has woven polyester. These acoustic wall panels are transparent and easy to install in a building. As you look for you, make sure that you are selecting the acoustic wall panels that have a one-inch thickness since it is the most effective.

  • Fire and heat resistant

As you select your acoustic wall panels, you need to consider that there will be so many risks that are involved in your area. For instance, accidents such as fire accidents occur and you have to look for fire-resistant acoustic wall panels. These panels should also be heat resistant to ensure that they do not affect the humidity of your rooms once the outside is too hot.

  • Surface patterns

Acoustic wall panels are available in different patterns. You must look for a pattern that meets your requirements.

  • NRC ratings

NRC ratings are also called the noise reduction coefficient. It measures how effective the acoustic wall panels are at absorbing noises. You must therefore consider the NRC ratings of the acoustic wall panels you are selecting to ensure that they are excellent in absorbing sounds despite how loud they are.




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