3 Types Of Fall Protection Harness Buckles

Harness Buckles are one of the primary and most crucial elements of a full-body harness. The reason behind this is that they affect the comfort of the worker, and hence determine ease of carrying out the task. 

The right safety harness perth buckle for company workers, or the individual workers themselves basically all comes down to personal preferences, which is why several companies offer harnesses with varying buckle configurations. 

The type of buckles on your harness will determine the ease with which you can wear them. 

Hence, in order to make that choice easier, here are the 3 most common kinds of fall protection harness buckles.

Tongue Buckle 

This type of harness buckle is very traditional, old school, and resembles the regular clothing belts that people tend to wear over pants. 

It consists of a long tongue-like sturdy strap that is a lot more sturdy than a regular pant belt, which obviously also consists of holes that eventually determine the tightness of the belt supporting the construction worker. 

Given that the straps are very sturdy and reliable, this type of harness, although not very comfortable to most people, is very heavy-duty and foolproof because of the simple physics constituted in the through-the-hole situation. 

Mating Buckle

This kind of buckle is incredibly popular among workers as the simple design is quite convenient and easy to put on.  

The added benefit is it being less costly compared to other harness buckles on the market. The mating buckle is made of twin metal pieces that lock into one another, creating a tight grip on the harness. 

The only downside of this buckle is that it is hard to latch the two metal plates, which proves to be inefficient and frustrating often. Regardless, once the latch is created, also proves to be a foolproof harness buckle that the user can blindly trust and efficiently use to comfortably get work done. 

The Quick Connect Buckles

The quick connect buckles resemble the configuration of a car seat belt. 

It is also the most expensive of the three types. Hence as one might imagine, it is the easiest of the three to hook up and yet proves to be just as secure and reliable. 

The time saved when it comes to connecting and latching on quick connect buckles adds to the efficiency of work, so despite its cost, many workers tend to prefer this over the other two types the most. 


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