Selecting hospitality equipment

Selecting the right high-quality products, equipment and accessories is essential to the success of your restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality business. If you have the right catering equipment, your business will thank you. Process orders faster, more efficiently, and simplify operations.


Poor management and lack of proper care and attention are common mistakes that restaurants and hotels make when purchasing hotel supplies. Here’s how to avoid common mistakes and grow your business. Here’s how to do it right with no extra effort!


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If you’re just starting, you should start by planning your kitchen layout. In doing so, you need to take a closer look at the workflow associated with the menu. Also consider the effects of food preparation, storage, health, and safety at operating temperatures. The key here is to ensure that the movement of the kitchen staff does not cross the street or contaminate the food during the process.


If you are working in an existing kitchen, check the floor plan and the location of the various appliances. The location of kitchen equipment can affect food processing capabilities.


Always consider the type of equipment you will need due to the nature of your particular hospitality business. For example, the products and equipment needed for a cocktail bar are different from those needed for a hotel lobby.


Before inspecting equipment supplied by catering companies, list the non-negotiable requirements (restaurant refrigeration, coffee bar, bar, and pub clothing, etc.). Remember to consider the countertop equipment you need and note the space-saving mechanism. If space is limited, it can be a godsend.


Do you have reliable, high-quality products in stock? Can they listen to your specific needs and recommend a solution?


What do I need for a cafe/restaurant/bar? Ceramic dinnerware, stainless steel cutlery, crystal glasses, cookware, chef uniforms? Do they offer a wide range of equipment and products for everything you need for your business?


Can they provide the highest quality products for your specific needs?


Do your research on vendors and the equipment they sell and don’t be afraid to call ahead to ask questions. If you are looking for a large quantity of merchandise, consult a catering wholesaler. A good wholesaler will offer a wide range of commercial stoves and source them at the most competitive prices.


Another important thing to look for in a hotel service provider is after-sales service. If you have any problems, make sure they work close to the facility. You also need to make sure that genuine spare parts are in stock in bulk or that you have a trusted contact for your service needs.


The hotel provides foodservice and excludes seasonal demand. Of course, seasonal demand affects the food supply. If your hotel property needs equipment other than food service, it can be helpful to keep high-demand seasons in mind when planning your purchases. Make sure you keep your various suppliers well informed and plan for off-season purchases to avoid cost increases.


When you’re ready to use a smartly organized shopping program, stocks are much less likely to run out. Planning is the most important key to a successful restaurant and hotel choice. The more accurate and reliable your hospitality equipment is, the better prepared you are and the more reliable your choice will be when choosing the right catering equipment every time.

Always remember, order your equipment from trusted commercial catering equipment suppliers.


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